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November 11, 2017
Winning In A Crazy World – PBS Business School Alumni
Great to be back at PBS… Portugal’s economy is on a roll, and I love Porto! In 2017 Portugal is...
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Taking Leadership to the Next Level!
September 7, 2017
Taking Leadership to the Next Level – YPO Australia
MANAGEMENT & LEADERSHIP DEFINITIONS & RAP Imperatives are to: Lead and inspire–energizing your teams Communicate & connect–sharing your story Grow...
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London Leadership Summit
March 10, 2017
Leadership From A Different Perspective – London Leadership Summit
We live in a VUCA world. Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous Brexit, Trump and Putin are delivering the perfect VUCA storm....
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big data and big love
March 15, 2016
Swedish DMA Conference – Stockholm
We live in a connected world, a world where reason meets emotion, and big data meets big love. And at...
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Kevin Roberts at Auckland Uni
February 25, 2016
Winning from the Edge – Auckland (Video)
I’ve been asked to talk about the relationship between creativity and innovation. As someone who loves New Zealand, someone who...
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leadership, porto
February 2, 2016
Leading for Tomorrow and Beyond – Porto
I’m going to talk about the future of leadership, the defining difference between success and failure. Leadership hasn’t changed much...
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DMA Conference, Boston
October 5, 2015
&THEN DMA Conference – Boston (Video)
“Big Data, Meet Big Love” We live in a Connected World. We live in a Connected World. A world where...
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Berkeley Uni MBAs
September 8, 2015
Creative Leadership – Berkeley Uni MBAs
Creative Leadership: A Supercharged Approach To Success In Today’s Turbulent Environments Leading a business is about winning, and winning has got...
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