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Keeping it in the Family

January 18, 2022

Here’s a post from my eldest son about my youngest son’s new venture.  Good on y’a both.


Sport is one of my biggest passions.  Digital is one of my big interests.  I always love seeing the great ideas and work when these are bound together.

My brother Danis Roberts has founded UnderscoreSport based out of New Zealand.

With his previous experience at Manchester City, Harlequins and MCC, the home of cricket – he has learnt, created and executed from some of the great sporting organisations.

Underscore Sport helps clients across five ways:

  • Strategy:  Developing strategic platform and content roadmaps for social media, video and Web3.
  • Management:  Day-to-day channel and community management.
  • Revenue:  Commercialising social and video content and creating new digital assets, eg NFT’s.
  • Insight:  Audits, analytics, reporting and competitor benchmarking.
  • Trend Reporting:  Digesting global platform and tech trends and their implications for local clients.

So if you need any expertise, support or counsel, just get in touch with Danis Roberts and create some memorable sporting magic digitally.

Ben Roberts


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