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Foodie Friday – Family Foodie Fun in Nantucket

August 17, 2023

Mark and Vanessa got engaged in Nantucket 16 years ago.  Three kids later, they’re back on their Island of Dreams – and we’re with them in a beautiful, tranquil, spacious house near the beaches and the town.  One hour’s flight from NYC and you’re in a different world.  A world of whaling history – Moby Dick starts off in Nantucket, Peter Benchley (Jaws) lived here.  A world of simplicity, trust and good humour.  A world of honesty and friendship.  A world of wellness, affluence, generosity and fun.  A world of history and good taste.

The beaches are lively, rough and real.  The three townships are full of goodness, surprises and creativity and the restaurant choices are endless.  Here’s where we dined:

Saturday – The Brotherhood of Thieves.  An 1840’s whaling inn.  Blackened Swordfish, Lobster Salads, the best Clam Chowder on the Island (according to our young Bulgarian college student waiter Chris) – and cold beers from Island brewery Cisco.  Kid friendly.  (https://www.brotherhoodnantucket.com)

Sunday – The Chanticleer.  A lovely inn established in 1909.  Lush gardens.  Ultra-romantic.  Seasonal, local dishes – halibut, salmon, oysters, tuna, lobster, Bluefish Pate on home-made potato chips, exceptional Tuna Tartare, Portuguese Pig and black garlic risotto, and a ‘Posh’ Burger (sirloin steak, Tillamook Sharp Cheddar, tarragon aioli and amazing golden crisp French fries).  A 2019 Tignanello and a beautiful Puligny Montrachet to wash it down.  A gorgeous setting in two large English rose gardens and three intimate internal dining spaces.  World class.  (https://chanticleernantucket.com)

Another sunny day – bikes, art galleries – bought a great painting (of Cisco Breweries’ Whale Tail) for Vanessa’s new New Jersey kitchen – and then sunset lager and fresh lobster quesadillas at Millie’s – a surf shack on the beach.  Vagabond luxury.  (https://milliesnantucket.com)

Tuesday night in the middle of town – Òran Mór on Beach Street.  (Nostalgic Anniversary memories for Mark and Vanessa.)  My first ever Roasted Oysters Bourguignon, followed by Beet Stained Radiatori (washed down with a 2000 Calon Segur).  A great place – a cluster of small, intimate spaces – a great bar.  Òran Mór – gaelic for ‘The Great Melody of Life’ – 100% accurate.  (http://www.oranmorbistro.com)

Wednesday – a quick side-trip to NYC (50min flight) to an old 80’s favourite – The Plaza, for a day of Lovemarks with Raffles Hotel GM’s at their first ever Global Leadership Conference. 

Friday night – another highlight – Galley Beach.  Outside dining on the sandy beach and a beautiful, open inside restaurant.  Pernod-scented Escargots, Bigeye Tuna Tartare, Veal Tartare, Sauteed Sea Scallops.  Great wine list (2000 Rauzan Segla) , great buzz.  (https://galleybeach.net/home)

Saturday lunch at Cisco’s Brewery – fresh oysters, lobster, beer-tasting in the Nantucket farmlands – 20 minutes by bike from the house we’d rented.  Bohemian, 60’s Summer of Love vibe.  Let the Sunshine In.  (https://www.ciscobrewers.com)

We’ll be Nantucket-bound again next August.  Hope you can get out there too.  It’s a special haven in an unsettled world.


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