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Foodie Friday: Don’t blame the dog, Chris.

October 12, 2019

Caught up with old friends Chris and Gwenan Dee in Manchester (Chris now runs Harrods’ iconic Food Hall – the best in the world – oh, and their 20 in-store restaurants with 150 chefs – plus electronics, toys, soft furnishings …) and we went upstairs to Pep Guardiola’s Tast restaurant.  Catalan food at its best.  Chef Paco Pérez led an adventure into Catalonia – everything is unexpected, surprising, fun and delicious.

Out of your comfort zone and into a world of wonder (just like watching Pep’s Manchester City).  Chef Pérez has seven restaurants and five Michelin Stars – the first two floors of Tast are fun, family and friends, music, joy and upbeat.  On the third floor is a bespoke room – Enxaneta – a culinary journey across Catalonia.  A journey of the senses.  The 15 course Tres de Quinze with unusual/creative wine pairings is so good – our menu follows.

Chris and Gwenan had to leave at course 12 – not for culinary reasons – the alarm had gone off in their home, the police were en route, the neighbours hadn’t got the keys (they were in Chris’ pocket!!) – their dog had set off the sensor; the alarm wouldn’t stop!  Chris blamed the dog, we blamed Chris – and Tast only charged us for three menus not four.  So gracious, so kind – so unusual in today’s world.



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