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What are you watching?

September 26, 2023

Lots of flights recently – so lots of bingeing.  Some highlights:

  • Series Three of Warrior on HBO Max.  Violent, historical story of Chinatown, San Francisco in the 19th Century.  Great sets, interesting characters and multiple relationship/back-stories.  Not for the faint-hearted.
  • Yellowstone’s creator Taylor Sheridan’s latest – Special Ops: Lioness (not the UK football team).  An MTV show on Paramount+.  A covert US marine operation using super-fit, super-brave female undercover operatives as the tip of the CIA’s spear against terror.
  • And Billions is back.  The final series.  Also on Paramount+.
  • Another familiar face, Raylan Givens – Justified, one of my favourite heroes is on Apple’s Justified: City Primeval.  Raylan’s hair is greyer, his hat is dirtier, and he’s in Miami not Kentucky – still a US Marshall – and now a walking anachronism  Classic Elmore Leonard.
  • Before We Die – Series I and II on Amazon Prime.  A well-produced UK detective/crime story with a charismatic female lead, Lesley Sharp.
  • Am just about to start Matthew Broderick’s new drama series ‘Painkiller’ on Netflix – big pharma releasing a pill that spurs a national epidemic.
  • Also on Netflix – a documentary on Mark Cavendish (KRC July 18, 2023) – sprinter extraordinaire.
  • And finally – a new Netflix drama set in one of my favourite haunts Barcelona – Who Is Erin Carter? – featuring one of my favourite actors, Douglas Henshall (Jimmy Perez in Shetland).

Happy Viewing.


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