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Train Hard, Work Hard

February 9, 2024

I’ve started the year with a Dry January, daily Peloton / road-biking sessions and healthy eating.  Why?  So I can work more energetically and more effectively.

A fitness trainer shared five thoughts with me on effective training techniques:

  • Be focussed and specific
  • Overload
  • Keep moving forward
  • Use it or lose it
  • Rest

I was struck as to their relevance to what I do every day – Inspiring and Driving Peak Performance – and felt you may be interested in reflecting on how these principles can be achieved in your daily job.

  • Be Specific.  You get what you train for.  Be specific in your personal development goals.  In terms of work/job, my goal is to inspire Peak Performance / Inspirational Leadership.  I train accordingly, by constantly practising and refining the elements of the programme.
  • Overload.  Train a part of you above the level you normally operate at.  In your job, push yourself to try/learn new things – every day.
  • Progress.  Once you’ve covered it, move on.  Then revisit it.  Re-calibrate it.  No resting in comfort zones.
  • Use it or lose it.  When stimuli are removed, gains are reversed.  You are responsible for your own destiny/growth.  Take charge.  Keep going.  Make things happen.
  • Rest.  To consolidate gains and to go further, you must rest.  Live life slow.  Optimise your work/life blend.  Make happy choices.

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