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Keeping in Touch

March 26, 2020

A great idea from a couple of old P&G friends – John and Jeannie O’Keeffe.

Hi Friends

An idea. 

In the new normality we’d like to visit you but shouldn’t.

In the old world we communicated by email or What’s App; and used FaceTime mainly with family.  We didn’t use the phone to call each other to catch-up because often people were away or weren’t in, or if in wasn’t a good time for a long chat. That’s all changed. We’re all in more. And have time.

So may we visit you virtually?

There’s a second way it would be a pleasure. Currently many of us have nothing in our diaries that is certain to take place. What will we be doing next week or month? If we were visiting you physically there would be a date/time/place for each to look forward to. There always is a “pleasure in anticipation” factor. And it has applied to visits, events, following sport on TV … they are events to look forward to. But now there are fewer. But if we had a “date/time in the diary” for when we would visit you, we would not only enjoy it at the time, but look forward to it in advance (that’s why we suggest “planned” rather than “spontaneous”).

If you’d like to “visit with us … as the Americans say” please do by reply – suggest a day/time that suits you; and what method suits.

I wonder if we couldn’t make the next few months the very best period of our lives in getting joy from our friendships.

Thank you John and Jeannie.

Hi Friends.



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