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Happy People Make People Happy

May 5, 2023

I wrote a few weeks ago about Cary Cooper’s happiness-at-work habits.

Here’s a list of nine things I know about happiness:

  • Progress towards meaningful goals contributes significantly to happiness.
  • Happy people take time to do things that give them pleasure.
  • Quality time with friends and family is top of the happiness list.
  • Doing altruistic things for others creates enduring happiness.
  • Expressing gratitude enhances your own wellbeing and the recipient’s.
  • Regular exercise increases happiness.
  • Positive experiences provide more enduring happiness than purchases.
  • Beyond satisfaction of needs, more money does not make people significantly happier.
  • We get no enduring pleasure from short cuts.

And a 10 point quiz for you to take to check out your own happy life.  Vote – yes/no/sometimes:

  • My days are filled with fresh new ideas, sights and experiences.
  • I am able to try out different activities to learn and grow.
  • My life gives me the opportunity to be curious, inquisitive and amazed.
  • My days are filled with meaningful activities that I love doing.
  • Most days I feel productive and proud.
  • I am able to take time to be proactive and choiceful about my goals.
  • My life provides me with time to care for other people.
  • I have a beautiful blend of work and life.
  • I am happy about the amount of time I spend on Family, Friends and Me.
  • I review my activities constantly, eliminating those that don’t make me happy.

7/10 and above – Happiness Runs.


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