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Everybody’s Talking (II)

October 29, 2021

Last week I heard from quite a few folks who wanted to hear more about Listening.

Here’s a small, 10 point quiz to have fun with – and a quick note.

  • Do you frequently get distracted when listening to someone talk?
  • Do you often pretend you’re paying attention when you’re not?
  • Do you focus on what’s being said, rather than the big picture or the feelings behind the words?
  • Do you find yourself planning what you will say next when your partner is still talking?
  • Do you interrupt others / finish their sentences?
  • Do you easily get bored by the topic or the speaker?
  • Do you actively endeavour to understand what others are really trying to say?
  • Do you seek to understand how they are feeling?
  • Do you encourage the speaker to share their thoughts and feelings fully?
  • Do you ensure the speaker knows that you understand their perspective.

Hearing is an accidental and automatic brain response to sound, that requires no effort.  When people say “I hear you” – it doesn’t always mean that they are listening to you.

Listening actively is Purposeful and Focused.  It requires self-motivation and effort.  It means paying attention with eyes, ears, brain and body.  It means paying attention not only to the What (the story), but the How (language, tone, body).

Never stop listening.



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