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Don’t Do Dumb Sh-t

December 20, 2023

Sir James Ratcliffe, Chairman of petro chemicals giant INEOS, has just written a book – Grit, Rigour & Humour.  In it, he tells about landing in a tiny outback station in Australia to refuel and seeing this message “Don’t do dumb sh-t” on a flip-chart in the lunch-room.  He claims to have based his whole business philosophy on this anonymous flip-chart and I applaud him and the piece of advice quoted.

And then he spends $1.25 billion to buy 25% of Manchester United!!!


PS:  The first time I came across this philosophy was 10 years ago when President Obama summarised his approach to foreign policy whilst meeting the travelling press corps informally on Air Force One in four words.  He said his view on managing America’s global interests were centred on a single concept “Don’t do stupid sh-t”.

And then along came Trump.


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