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Loading Mercury With a Pitchfork

January 3, 2017
Loading Mercury with a Pitchfork by Richard Brautigan

January 4 3

I’ve started off with a mistake
but I’ll try to get better
and put the day in good order.

Great advice from one of my literary heroes Richard Brautigan, poet, novelist and hitchhiker. I read everything he wrote as I was growing up in the 60’s – weird, crazy, provocative, and wise.

I started the New Year reading one of his lesser known anthologies – ‘Loading Mercury with a Pitchfork’ – a great title for our 2017 VUCA world. I hope your New Year’s Eve felt like this:

They are really having fun

They are really having fun
drinking glasses of wine
and talking about things
that they likeSome other Pitchfork gemsImpasse
I talked a good hello
but she talked an even
better goodbyeRight Beside The Morning Coffee
If I write this down now,
I will have it in the morning.
The question is: Do I want
to start the day off with this?and finallyFor fear you will be alone
For fear you will be alone
you do so many things
That aren’t you at all.

Here’s to being with friends and family – and making happy choices.

Hello 2017.



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