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January 25, 2017
Group Of Children Sitting In Mall Using Mobile Phones, TQ

Mastering this equation leads to a productive business – and life. TQ is your Technology Quotient. Do you use Technology to make your life better and help you perform at peak, or have you been enslaved and imprisoned by your mobile – without knowing it?

The very smart Eddie Jones, England Rugby coach, has enlisted the help of Dr Sherylle Calder to improve the visual awareness and decision making of his squad. Dr Calder has worked with elite athletes across many sports in many countries. She maintains that sports skills are in decline as a direct result of today’s fixation with phones and tablet screens. Over the past three years, studies have shown that we are losing awareness when looking at our phones. (How many times have people texting or staring at their mobiles bumped into you on a busy street?). There are no eye movements; everything is static.

We are aware that kids’ reading skills are deteriorating as they fixate visually on their screens, and now we’re beginning to see adults’ motor skills declining too. We need more tree climbing, more walking on walls, falling off – learning, and less texting.


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