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Surprising with the Obvious

January 25, 2023

We are all struggling with the New Abnormal rhythm of a hybrid working environment.  Many businesses have seen productivity slip and culture development has languished as people are spending less and less time together as a unit, team or collective.

Nicky Gray, HR Head of creative production company Fremantle, told me last week that the London Head Office is starting to bubble and buzz again.  People are enjoying coming together to Connect, Collaborate, Create and Commit.

And the biggest driver?

Free breakfasts.  From 8.00am to 10.30am at the office, followed by free lunches at the office.

Great food with Great People.

Surprisingly Obvious.  But real.

Imagine seeing a bunch of Creative People in the office together before 9.30am?  A miracle!

People are back – productivity and happiness levels are growing every day.

Hail Hail the Bacon Bap!


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