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Proper Preparation Prevents Pretty Poor Performance

August 2, 2022

Following on from last week’s checklist for surviving in these challenging times:

1)   Prepare Yourself:

  • Walk towards the pressure.
  • Look at the world as it is, not as it used to be, not as you’d like it to be.
  • Remember your ABC’s (Ambition, Belief, Courage).  You’ve got this.  You will win.  Lead with Courage.
  • Stay true to your Personal Purpose.

2)   Prepare Your Team:

  • Recommit to the Company’s Purpose, stay focused on the Focus.
  • Connect.  Collaborate.  Communicate.  Commit.
  • Remember, none of us is as good as all of us.
  • Practice the Three HUMs (Humanity, Humility, Humour).
  • Cheerlead, spread calm, share the spotlight and zap energy.
  • Focus on Alignment, rather than Agreement.

3)   Prepare The Company:

  • Simplicity wins in a downturn, complexity loses.
  • Speed to Action is a huge differentiator.
  • Eliminate.  Eliminate.  Eliminate.
  • Be choiceful – if it doesn’t reduce risk, save money or drive revenue, don’t do it.
  • See Surviving the Downturn (July 22nd).

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