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Picking Your Captain

February 15, 2019

Clive Woodward won the 2003 Rugby World Cup with England – a team full of world class players.  Brian Ashton was the Attack Coach – a brilliant, out-of-the-box rugby thinker.

There were leaders throughout the team – and potential captains everywhere.

Woodward has a six-point check-list for picking a captain – all of which are relevant in business.

1)   He must be an automatic selection in the team.  (First pick the team; then pick the captain from that group.)

2)   He must have the respect of his team and the opposition.

3)   Ideally, he captains on a regular basis for his club.

4)   He can be trusted implicitly to deliver the right messages when the coach is not around.

5)   He must be able to think correctly under pressure (TCUP) and make the big calls.

6)   He must work well with the referee.

Sound advice.

Does your team’s / business captain fit the bill?



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