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Perpetual Optimism is a Force Multiplier (II)

February 14, 2021

I posted a blog on Blackstone’s Surprisingly Positive Predictions for 2021 on 28th January, and here are some more optimistic predictions from This Money’s Jane Denton and LinkedIn.

The Pandemic has hit many industries, many businesses and many people hard.  But some sectors are growing rapidly and now’s the chance to consider re-inventing yourself and exploring a new future – a new future that is based on Making Happy Choices – for you.  Don’t waste the crisis!!

Demand for workers will be high in these sectors:

  1. E-Commerce.  On-line shopping has gone through the roof.  Hiring is struggling to keep up, delivery drivers, warehousing managers and staff are in huge demand.
  2. Healthcare Support. Home-care jobs, health-care assistants, wellbeing coaches and medical workers are all needed urgently.
  3. Digital Content. Every company is looking for bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers and content writers and developers. Freelancing and working at home are great options.
  4. Construction. House building is going on apace in new rural areas – site managers, site workers all needed.
  5. Creative opportunities. Many businesses are looking to boost their on-line presence – artists, writers, editors, illustrators – your Time is Now.
  6. Finance and Banking. Investment bankers, equity traders and finance specialists – the business of money never goes away.
  7. Specialist Medical roles. No surprises here. We need Intensive Care nurses like never before, certified care nurses too. Labs need scientists and assistants. Big Pharma needs R&D specialists.
  8. Professional Coaching. Roles like exec coach, leadership coach, business coach, life coach are in great demand. Train up and get out there. Help others achieve their potential.
  9. Social Media and Digital Marketing. Standing out on-line is challenging and businesses are looking for help to drive engagement and sales on-line. Innovative approaches to traditional marketing are in great demand.
  10. Customer Service. People with patience, empathy and listening skills required to give customers some Love – pretty much needed everywhere!
  11. Education. We need on-line tutors – now.
  12. Mental Health. Clinical psychologists, mental health counsellors, nurses, etc, etc, etc. The biggest challenge for many countries is the simmering Mental Health Crisis. The world needs major upgrades in strategy, budgets, resourcing and talent.
  13. Property. There’ll be boom areas in 2021 – agents needed.
  14. Artificial Intelligence. Machine learning engineers and researchers needed.

There’s a New ‘Abnormal’ World out there – get up and give it a go!



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