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It’s Getting Better All The Time

April 5, 2022

Daniel Akst just reviewed Arthur Brooks’ new book on aging well – “From Strength to Strength”.  I’ve ordered a copy. 

Here are some observations for you Strivers and Seekers.

  • As we age and as time grows shorter – make happy choices!
  • Find your Personal Purpose.
  • Our ‘fluid intelligence’, our raw smarts decline relatively early – in our 30’s and 40’s.
  • However our ‘crystallised intelligence’, our experience, our wisdom grows.  “When you’re young you have raw smarts, when you’re old you have wisdom.”
  • See KR Connect March 9th and as my wise sister Trisha told me “Remember, we’ve earned the right to let others do”.  A wise woman my sister.
  • “The old should have their physical labours reduced and their mental activities increased”.  Cicero.
  • Aging achievers should play to their new strengths and let go of the powers that depended on youth.  The Darwinian urges of Survival, Power, Wealth and Fame have already been scratched.  Time to eliminate/reduce, find happiness closer in and in simpler, more personal pleasures/achievements.
  • Teach, reduce your needs and focus on people.  (My dream is to inspire everyone I touch to be the best they can be.)

Yep, I’ve got to admit “it’s getting better, it’s getting better all the time”.



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