Showers over Windermere from Holbeck Lane near Troutbeck.

Foodie Friday. La La La Lancashire

April 14, 2023

Spencer and Diane took time off from letting Herdy roam free throughout the U.K. over the Easter weekend and brought around the tastiest home-cooked pie in the country (matched only by Jeremy Lee’s Quo Vadis specials).  A shin beef classic.  Herbs, gravy, buttered carrots, and potatoes.  I provided a Rioja from Sogrape‘s Spanish winemaker Culmen 2017.

The Easter weekend was perfect in Grasmere with temperatures around 75°F and blue skies over the lakes and mountains.  We had an incredible smoked salmon starter followed by the pie and some Lancashire cheeses.  Diane spent the day preparing the pie and it was time well spent.  Sitting outside in The Lancastrian, Camparis in hand as the sun slowly set with the birds birding and the trees rustling.  The wine was the perfect pairing for “Di’s Pies”.  Meals on Wheels on an entirely different level.  Fine Lancashire food, locally produced, lovingly prepared in the company of great friends.

A perfect Easter in the Lakes (with soldier Raff on hand too!).



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