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Doing The Right Thing

June 15, 2021

My eldest son Ben posted this on LinkedIn yesterday.


True leaders shine through in times of crisis.

None more than Simon Kjaer.

On a harrowing day in Copenhagen, Kjaer started the day expecting to lead his team to victory against Finland. Instead he became a hero for other reasons.
When Christian Eriksen suddenly collapsed, Kjaer was one of the first players to his side and started performing CPR. Knowing the gravity of the situation, he ordered his teammates to form a human shield to give privacy to the situation for the media’s glare. He then went and comforted Eriksen’s wife during the terrible unknown moments.

Kjaer showed calmness under pressure, he demonstrated awareness, and showed empathy. He played a key role in saving Eriksen’s life while also doing his best and bringing the team and nation together in a traumatic moment.
The role of the football captain can be seen as symbolic in some countries but in the case of Denmark, they don’t have just a captain but a remarkable leader.
An example to all.




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