Showers over Windermere from Holbeck Lane near Troutbeck.

Desert Reading – Trudy’s First Guest Blog

June 6, 2020

Living life slow nowadays includes spending quiet time catching up on books.  Here are four books I’ve read while isolating at our home – Desert Dream – in Carefree, Arizona.

1)      Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Author: Gail Honeyman

I journeyed through Eleanor’s routine of a life with her.  A life that Eleanor structured to be simple and safe; living in her own happy existence.  Or was it happy?  Meeting the right people at the right time can change your world.  It is an amusing and touching book.  Perfect for an afternoon’s read.  (Thank you Nikki for leaving it behind.)

2)      The House of Kennedy

Author: James Patterson and Cynthia Fagen

Patrick Joseph Kennedy, the Patriarch, was only 27 years old when he set sail from Ireland to America.  The history of this Irish Catholic family has been intriguing from its early days – and never more so given ex ad-man James Patterson’s storytelling style.

“Win at all costs” was the mantra that Joe Kennedy wanted his family to live by.  And indeed there were a lot of costs.  The tragedies and misfortune, along with the power, still leaves many unanswered questions today.

3)      The F*ck It List

Author: John Niven

Two terms of a Trump presidency, and a first term of Ivana Trump as President (yikes!) sets the background of The F*ck It List.  Frank Brill is a good man who has been given a terminal diagnosis.  Now what?  A Fuck It List.  It’s a page-turner that I couldn’t put down.  (Now that I have, Kevin’s finally got his hands on it.)

4)      Clear My Name

Author: Paula Daly

A crime thriller taking place close to Beckwood, Grasmere – our home in the Lake District of England.  Carrie Kamara is imprisoned for killing her husband’s lover, Ella Muir.  Follow Tess Gilroy, of Innocence UK, as she and her partner, the young and inexperienced Avril Hughes, get to the truth of what really happened.  A gripping plot with an ending that won’t disappoint.

Enjoy the Gift of Time.



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