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Dealing to Coronavirus

April 2, 2020

The New Zealand Institute of Wellbeing & ResilienceTM is dedicated to increasing Wellbeing for communities and companies in New Zealand.  It’s all about creating positive, effective, sustainable change.

Headed up by two co-directors and leaders, Dr Denise Quinlan and Dr Lucy Hone – from Otago and Auckland, the NZIWR has just published 12 Real-time Resilience Strategies for Coping with Coronavirus.

I plan to share all 12 points with you over the next few days/weeks – giving you time to absorb these and then to put them into practice.

Number One:

Choose where you focus your attention.

Even at the best of times, humans are hard-wired to notice threats and weakness.  During the worst of times it is more important than ever for our psychological health to tune into what’s still good in your world.  Psychologists call this ‘benefit finding’ and it is a key resilience skill.  Start your days or meetings with a quick fire round of sharing good stuff – this also builds connection.  Using the hashtag #htgs (‘hunt the good stuff’ originated in the US Army’s Military Resilience Training) works well here.



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