Showers over Windermere from Holbeck Lane near Troutbeck.

Check In With Yourself

August 31, 2021

Some more great tips from my favourite student doctor – Zachery Dereniowski in Sydney (KR Connect, November 8th, 2020).

If …

  • You seem more irritated or reckless than usual, which you know is really out of character …,
  • You notice you’re going quieter and starting to withdraw from others …,
  • You’re experiencing turbulent change – maybe in employment, income, your personal life …,
  • You help others, but appear to be distant, on the outer … 

… Check in with yourself (and with a loved one) and replace these feelings with a commitment to positivity (KR Connect, May 24th, 2021).

You are more than enough.

Commit to Happiness.

Make Happy Choices.



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