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BUCKiT with Phil Keoghan

January 21, 2019

Television host, Emmy award winning Producer and Guest Speaker, Phil Keoghan has spent 30 years in television (currently hosting National Geographic Explorer in addition to The Amazing Race), travelling to over 130 countries to create a BUCKiT list full of crazy, irreverent and life changing adventures.  He retraced the 1928 Tour de France on a 1928 bike, skied down an erupting volcano, dived the longest underwater caves, got his reindeer racing license and broke an unofficial world record for a bungy jump.  His personal motto is “Tick it Before you Kick it” which is Phil’s way of saying just say “BUCKiT, you only have this life so get out there and go for it”.  In his Podcast series, Phil asks his guests to share theirs. He endeavours to find out what motivated them to say BUCKiT and swerve off the predictable road, shed their inhibitions, break new ground, test the limits and pursue a life rich in experience.

I’ve recently recorded an interview with Phil for his BUCKiT podcast and this is now live on all major podcast platforms (I-Tunes, Stitcher, Spotify) as well as online, where you get to see it: https://philkeoghan.com/buckit-with-kevin-roberts/#podcastcontent.



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