Showers over Windermere from Holbeck Lane near Troutbeck.

Back to the Scene of the Crime

September 6, 2022

On February 25th 2020, I posted a blog about my Global Transient Amnesia episode in Melbourne.  I paid homage to my minder “Iraqi” Cam, my AIA guardian angels – Stella and Alison, my own guru – AIA CEO Damien, and Peter and James at The Sheraton on Little Collins Street who made their Hotel my home.

Well, 2½ years of Covid later – I’m back in Melbourne.  Dinner with Damien last night, two days with AIA this week, “Iraqi” Cam amazed me by a surprise pick-up at the Airport and James spent the day at The Sheraton on creative work-arounds so I could watch the AB’s and Man City both live (special thanks to Exec Chef Migo who provided a VPN option).

It all came flooding back – 15½ hour Qantas flight from LA to Melbourne (great to hear Anzac accents again and to enjoy Neil Perry food), bingeing on 1883, escorted through Customs / Passport Control by an Amex Centurion guide – and the cool Winter/Spring sun shining.

The Airport was heaving (and creaking), the bars were full, the Melbourne foodies were back out in force – and I’ve three days of full-on leadership / marketing meetings – in person with people I’ve only seen on screen for 2½ years – ahead of me.

Time to Connect, Collaborate, Create and Commit.

Good on y’a Aussie!



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