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Mad Men (IV)

October 4, 2022

More Leadership Tips for today, tomorrow and 2023.

7)  Pursue Failure

  • Good judgement only comes from bad judgement.
  • A genius is someone who makes the same mistake only once.
  • Admit your mistakes, learn from them, move on.
  • Don’t put off the hard calls.
  • Deal with the bad news immediately.
  • Put the highs and lows behind you, prepare for tomorrow.
  • Tackle the issue, not the person.
  • Don’t get managed by negative press, don’t run your business from the headlines.
  • Bad hires are inevitable.  Fire courageously and quickly.
  • Allowing bad people who don’t share our values to poison our environment is the biggest failure of all.

8)  Keep It Simple

  • Wage war on complexity.
  • Search for solutions, not problems.
  • Deal with people who have the power to say “yes”.
  • Less talk, more do.
  • See the big picture.
  • Constantly re-evaluate – look for a better way.
  • Know when to ask for help – and take it.
  • Have a ‘can do’ attitude.
  • Reduce and refine – as little as possible, as much as necessary.
  • Start with the answer and work back to the question.

9)  Deliver The Results

  • Impatience is a virtue – do it now.
  • Make your Finance Director your equal partner.
  • Treat the agency’s assets like your grandmother’s.
  • Avoid sloppiness.  Value each and every task, no matter how small.
  • Take personal responsibility for the results.
  • Results beat promises every time.
  • Use the network, it’s a fantastic resource.
  • Don’t become preoccupied with your next move; concentrate on delivering in the ‘here and now’.
  • Eliminate waste, root out negativity, squash cynicism.
  • Put the highs and lows behind you, prepare for tomorrow.



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